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The Story

Falling out of love with a part of your life, and in love with a new adventure!


   My name is Taryn!  The Stewart family has been a fixture of Danville for over 50 years!  I started Mokey's very unexpectedly!  The last 16 years of my life have revolved around a career in health care, my children, family and friends.  I couldn't have dreamed this would be my life today!  Mokey's exists for several reasons, Danville needed it and I needed a change.  Mokey was my dad Mark's nickname.  He passed a few years ago, and while I love that it is named for him, he would hate it!  

    Mokey's is a place to come and hang out, have some charcuterie, small bites, beer, wine or cocktails.  It is a small intimate setting where girlfriends laugh, co-workers complain about their day or couples can sit and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with good food and drinks.  

    I love to cater charcuterie boards or grazing tables for events and parties, I love hosting your small event at Mokey's!  I can not wait for you to love the outside patio as much as I think you will.  Come check it out, you will not be disappointed!

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